Mission Statement


Our Mission 

"Building Dreams and Community." 

The Blakesburg Public Library is dedicated to supporting lifelong learning and access to information, knowledge and ideas. It strives to meet its mission of building dreams and community by providing resources, technology, programs, facilities and staff to ensure an educated, enlightened and enriched community.


Our Vision

To be the  heart of our community where all are welcome to learn, discover, create, dream and make connections to help them achieve their goals. To hold the community as the heart of the library, providing services, programming and collections with the community in mind. The library’s mission and values guide its daily work and form the foundation for planning.


Our Values

The Library Board of Trustees, staff and volunteers, are committed to the values upheld by the American Library Association and the Library Bill of Rights. The library values:

Intellectual freedom – the right of library users to read, seek information and speak as freely as guaranteed by the First        Amendment.

Equal access to information in a variety of formats for all patrons and technology required for digital access.

Fiscal responsibility to the citizens of the community and county.

Professionalism and service to community; providing opportunities for Trustees and staff to grow professionally through staff development.

Respect for diverse viewpoints and individual differences.

Integrity, honesty, ethical behavior, and transparency in all actions and communication.

Relationships with community organizations, businesses and civic leaders in order to participate in community growth and    improvement.

Confidentiality to protect user privacy while respecting individual rights and responsibilities.

Providing an accessible, comfortable and welcoming facility.

Providing collections, services and programs that reflect community needs and promote life-long learning.